Film locations I’ve helped with – Nescafe “Hairy old Cortina”

Until recently I handled film enquiries for Swansea Council. I was the main contact for people looking to film in Swansea for several years. I was involved in many projects – Doctor Who, National Lottery, Mine All Mine, among many others.

One of the shoots I assisted was for this Nescafe ad. The director was Vaughan Arnell who had worked on a few of the Robbie Williams videos – Rock DJ, Something Stupid, etc.

The location manager wanted something earthy so I took him to Penderry – with its views over the city and ponies grazing in street verges it was perfect .

When we came to shoot in Wind Street (the footage didn’t make the final edit) I had to negotiate with some workmen digging up the street to down tools for the day.

The shot looking towards Port Talbot steelworks features a lamppost from Swansea Council’s depot – a last-minute arrangement. The production team did say that the steelworks was the inspiration for Ridley Scott’s futuristic city in Blade Runner.

Anyway, here’s the ad, unbelievably the result of a whole weeks worth of filming.

Let me know what you think?


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