MPs debate funding of British Waterways

I must admit I missed the debate last night. The thing with adjournment debates is that you never really know what time of the day they’re going to happen.

If you’re like me and have missed the debate too – don’t worry you can catch up with Hansard.

Also in PDF format here Extract of Hansard 30 Nov 2009 – British Waterways funding debate.

I’ve not had chance to read through it so can’t comment. But I hope to later today.

For those who support the aims of the petition but not the process I have written to my MP, Martin Caton, via the Parliament website. Martin supports Early Day Motion  233. I don’t think he was present for the debate, but to be fair  I did contact him at the last-minute (Sunday night).


One thought on “MPs debate funding of British Waterways

  1. I watched it and missed the rest of TV that evening as it was the last item of the day and didn’t get started until well after 10 pm.

    It was attended by some stalwart supporters of the waterways but, strangely, there were none on the Tory and Libdem benches.

    It was a shame that Linda Waltho who lead the debate gave a number of ‘facts’ that weren’t quite accurate (like the number of people that had signed your petition) but the essence of the message was made.

    The Minister Huw Irranca-Davies wouldn’t be drawn on direct questions from MPs about the rumoured sell-off of the family silver by suggesting that all would be revealed in the pre-budget speech on Dec 9th. That sounds ominous to me and wonder whether we will be staging another round of national protests like those we organised in 2006/7 when DEFRA made swingeing cuts to maintenance budgets.

    The Minister also announced that the new waterways policy ‘Waterways for Everybody’ would be released before the December recess – that is about time, it was originally promised in July. Those us that have been working with DEFRA on the re-write of the old policy (Waterways for Tomorrow) are concerned that the last draft we saw didn’t adequately cover the fundamental question of future funding; could it be that this is why the release of the draft has been delayed until after the pre-budget speech? Interesting times just a few days ahead.

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