Obama wins key vote as US Congress votes for change

The Guardian reports that Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill has been passed by Congress.

I’m really encouraged to hear this. Obama took office on a platform for change. It would have been easy for him to have caved in to corporate America and not push for healthcare reform. But no, he chose to battle on and make a difference for everyday Americans.

Reform of healthcare will enable Americans from poorer backgrounds, many with a history of illness, to gain insurance cover, removing many of the worries associated with falling ill and not knowing whether you can pay for treatment.

America has taken a fundamental step toward creating a better society, where neighbour looks out for neighbour. Da iawn Obama! Well done!

Back in the UK we should treasure the NHS. Yes, it’s got its flaws. But, living each day safe in the knowledge that should anything happen, you’ll receive free treatment regardless of your status, is a wonderful thing.

Dwi’n caru NHS! I love the NHS!

I’d also challenge Cameron’s ‘Vote for Change’ call. Do the Tories have the stomach for ‘real’ change? Change that will make a difference for the poor in our society at the cost of corporate Britain. I very much doubt it, after all what ‘real’ new policies are the Tories proposing?


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