Public pressure moves Government to mutalise British Waterways

With a current total of 22,245 signatures the petition to Protcet Our Canals on the Number 10 website is helping to make a difference.

This week’s budget statement by HM Treasury may have been described as safe and unexciting by some pundits, but hidden in the detail was an anouncement to mutualise British Waterways (BW).
A narrowboat using Britain's waterways.

A narrowboat using Britain's waterways.

Establishing BW as charitable trust, with its property porfolio intact, secures the future of our canals and waterways. BW will be able to continue to invest in maintining and renovating the nation’s network of waterways, allowing more of us to enjoy the pleasures of walking alongside still waters, or step back in time by taking a holiday aboard a narrowboat.

Welcoming the announcement Tony Hales, BW chairman, said: “This is a significant moment in the history of our inland waterways, which helped put the great into Great Britain as an industrial nation. A mutualised canal network will give the communities that have grown up around the waterways since the 18th Century an increasingly important role in the way they are run in the future.

“The proposal reflects a widely-held, cross-party and stakeholder view that the waterways are a national treasure which should be moved into the third sector if we are to unlock the enormous public support that there is for them. This is a tremendously innovative model for reinvigorating the waterways, it will ensure their continued revival and safeguard against a return to the decline and dereliction which they faced in the last century.”

Thanks to everyone who has signed the petition.

If you haven’t yet signed please do so at – let’s keep the pressure on until the job is done.


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