Just married! Well, about two months ago.

On Wednesday 7th April I got hitched to my best friend and one true love, Emma, at the Civic Centre in Swansea.

We had a really lovely day, the weather was fairly bright and sunny. It was a little  funny as I used to work at the Civic Centre for quite a few years. I knew the deputy registrar and it did feel like something of a busman’s wedding.

Anyway, the ceremony went well. It was rather intimate with just my wife’s parents as guests and witnesses.

After the ceremony we had a few photos taken outside with the bay in the background.

We then left Swansea and headed for Abergavenny where the four of us (my wife and I and the in-laws) were staying the night and dining at The Walnut Tree.

We arrived around 2.15pm so we had a starter for light lunch, I had a delicious Steak Tartare with a few bottles of Dorothy Goodbody’s Golden Ale, brewed by nearby Wye Valley Brewery. Dorothy Goodbody’s is perfectly quaffable ale and I must admit she’d be quite a looker – check out the 1940’s style image of her they use in their marketing.

We spent the afternoon lounging around the Walnut Tree’s Ivy Cottage sipping champagne.

Come the evening we headed to the restaurant where I had a crab cake-like starter, belly pork main and rice pudding for dessert. Wow! It was heaven.

Really, if you want to eat well, head for the Walnut Tree. The head chef and proprietor is Shaun Hill. A well-known and much respected chef who had a restaurant in Ludlow, and on leaving there for London, thought twice, and headed to Abergavenny. 1-0 to Wales.

The following day we headed to Emma’s parents’ house in Cheshire for an overnight stay before flying out to Italy’s Lake Como, our adventures there I’ll write about soon.

Here’s a photo of my wife, Emma, and me on our happy day. Awh!


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