Such a perfect birthday

T’was my birthday yesterday (5th July) and I quietly celebrated with a cold glass of Peroni at a sunny Langland Bay – bliss!

The day started with a rather rare occasion – I stayed in bed while my other half went off to work. My wife’s a teacher so it’s usually the other way around.

After pottering around the house and garden, catching up with some of the jobs I’ve been putting off for weeks, I headed into the village (Mumbles) for a haircut – number 2, back and sides, shortened and thinned out a bit on top.

I sat at Cafe Valence in the sun drinking coffee and reading The Maestro’s Voice by Roland Venrnon – promises to be a good read.

Getting itchy feet, I got up and strolled over to Langland Bay, it was particularly pleasant. I sat on the beach for a while before taking a few photos, getting my bum wet whilst crouching down to look into a rockpool – I’m such a klutz!

Having sufficiently dried off I walked up to Langland Brasserie, sat on the balcony and quietly drank a glass of cold Peroni, but I prefer Moretti.

I then headed home to see what Em had bought me. I’m really luck to have met someone so kind and loving. She really spoils me, and my birthday was no exception. I had a portable gas stove for our camping trips plus a few aluminium pans, a new pair of shorts, a Star Wars T-shirt and £100 for my study fund (I’m planning to start an OU Degree course in the autumn – Politics, Philosophy and Economics).

After a quick shower we walked down to Verdi’s for tea – pasta shells with tuna, cherry tomatoes, olives, white wine and parsley sauce and a bottle of Pinot Grigio. We dined alfresco watching the sun set behind Oystermouth Castle – totally relaxing. Living in Mumbles can feel like being on holiday quite often.

We had a few beers in nearby Salt (The George) before cheating and jumping in a taxi to go up the hill to home.

It really was a perfect day and I’d like to thank my wonderful wife Emma for her small but significant part.


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