A reasonable start!

Anyone who knows me would have been shocked to have seen me walking out of a central Swansea gym earlier this evening. But yes, I have made a good start on one of my resolutions – I’ve joined a gym and actually been for a workout.

The gym I’ve joined is The Gym, a national chain of budget gyms newly opened in Swansea. At only £10.99 a month for the first 12 months it’s a bargain. And, the no joining fee or contract suits me fine – should I suddenly lapse .


The gym itself is fairly spacious, spreading across the upper floors of a retail complex, and is equipped with a good range of basic cardio and resistance machines supplied by Matrix Fitness – don’t expect state-of-the-art with entertainment screens or internet access, it is a budget gym after all.

There are number of personal trainers walking the floor, who seem to be happy to put you right if you’re using the equipment wrong. But, if you’re looking for anything more such as a training programme or motivational support you’ll have to pay extra.

I went around 6.00pm today and it was rather busy. There are around 25 treadmills and all seemed to be occupied, although I didn’t have to wait long. I started with 10 minutes on one of the cycling machines before another 10 minutes on a cross-trainer. I then tried a couple of reps on two different types of shoulder press machines before finishing with 10 minutes on the treadmill. If the machines are to be believed I burned off around 300 calories – a reasonable start (if I may say so!).

Having worked up a sweat I wanted to shower before heading home. I was pleased to see that there were separate cubicles and several of them. The changing room is basic but clean and well appointed.

As I’m just starting out and not looking to join a fitness class yet (I think I’m not fit enough yet) I’d have to say that I’d give The Gym the thumbs up. It offers good facilities, basic but perfectly fine equipment, and at an introductory price of £10.99 a bargain to boot.


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