Muppets’ Orange Show commercial is a phenomenon, doot-doot-de-doot-doot…

Orange have long had an association with cinema – think Orange Wednesdays or Orange BAFTAs.

You’re always reminded of this association in the cinema through their creative short films that remind audiences to switch off their mobiles and let the phone ruin the movie.

I’ve always liked these commercials, the ‘Lord of the Ringtones’ being a personal favourite, and their latest offering, featuring the Muppets, doesn’t disappoint.

The Muppet’s theatre is saved from closure by their new sponsor, Orange. The comic capers of the Muppets showcasing the benefits of owning an Orange phone are obviously funny.

However, the way the film sends up Orange is not only funny, but reveals a brand confident in itself and customer offering.

Ultimately, the Orange Show commercial featuring the Muppets is creative and perfectly executed. I couldn’t stop chuckling whilst switching off my mobile phone.

What do you think? Check out the ad for yourself and let me know.


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