Autumn in Paris: How did I do?

I’ve only whizzed through Paris – in a manic rush to get from Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar to London during the disruptive few days in 2010 caused by the Icelandic volcano.

Lucy’s post really makes me yearn to revisit and take plenty of time to soak up the city’s atmosphere – I especially like her photograph of the pavement cafe in St Germain.

Click-through and see for yourself 🙂

On the Luce

Back at the start of September before I headed out to Paris to spend autumn house-sitting in St Germain, I came up with a list of things I wanted to see and do with my six weeks in the city. They varied from the big-name museums to the lesser-known off-beat attractions, as well as some of the events taking place while I was out there.

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Where, Oh Where Has My Coffee Shop Gone?

I know the feeling. Sitting, tucked a way in a corner, in a coffee shop or bar full of people, I often have great ideas. I’m not sure whether it’s the stolen snippets of conversations or the general vibe of such places, but I thrive on the buzz.

A Mind Divided

I’m a girl who needs a dive, a hang-out, a haunt, a place.  As long as I’ve been writing, I’ve done my best work tucked away in a funky cafe, scribbling longhand on tables that wobble, with Alternative music floating out of the corners.   Menus change, the number of piercings and tattoos on the wait-staff change, the music definitely changes, but there’s always a hidey-hole I can call my own somewhere nearby.

So to be without a home away from home is unthinkable, yet, here I am—dive-less.  I admit I’m picky about my spots.  They can’t be too expensive or too busy:  I need to be able to enjoy the faire without sacrificing heat, shoes or one of the cats, and I must be allowed to linger without the staff snorting steam about turning my table for the next customer.  The chairs have to be comfortable if I’m…

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