Top advert to feature Star Wars

Assist my training to become a Jedi marketer you will?

Just for fun I thought I’d conduct a straw poll, nothing scientific (sci-fi maybe!), to decide which is the top advert to feature the film Star Wars or any of its characters.

I’ve listed the most recent three. I’m sure there have been others, if you can think of any and deem them worthy of consideration feel free to add them to fourth ‘Other’ box and maybe post a link in the comment box.

Thanks for taking the time, and may the force be with you!


Virgin, right on the money?

The first airline to offer individual TVs to passengers. Tilting Pendolino trains to improve speed and safety. Commercial space travel. Virgin has a rich history of entering new markets and shaking things up a little, now it’s got banking in its sights.

Virgin, sometimes viewed as the consumer’s champion, has a track record of waking up the competition. Its strong company ethos on delivering quality and value for money for its customers challenges rivals to raise their game.

Never one to stay still, Virgin is entering the world of retail banking. Through its purchase of Northern Rock the company is expanding its Virgin Money brand, giving it a presence in the high street, especially in the north east.

As can be seen by the TV commercial, the launch of Virgin Money aims to draw on this heritage and promises to change the shape of banking for better.

But will Virgin succeed?

They propose to charge customers £60 a year for current accounts, a move going down like a lead balloon among a public with an already cynical view of the banking sector.

Nevertheless, if the new Virgin Money stores are anything to go by, banks could very well become more comfortable, relaxing and welcoming places, with people to greet you rather than the host of self-service machines and telephones you find in a branch of HSBC.

However, Virgin will need to challenge the established banks – becoming the most transparent bank, explaining clearly the rationale for its charges, being exciting and innovative, and aligning itself with the concerns of consumers.

Right on the money? You can bet Virgin will make banking better.

Moo-vellous Yeo Valley ad is viral hit

Organic yoghurt maker, Yeo Valley, is causing quite a stir online.

The company’s recent advert, produced by ad agency BBH and featuring four rapping farmers, is proving to be an online hit with 1,136,900 views on You Tube to date.

Anyone watching the the young farmers rapping through the British countryside can be forgiven for thinking they’re watching a music video rather than a commercial, it’s that good.

Such is the song’s popularity that it has been recently released on iTunes and media commentators are tipping the song to top the UK music charts this Christmas, thereby beating the X-Factor finalist – unless Wagner wins!

My guess is that it may just do it, it has the right mix of quirky fun, that we Brits rave, and one of the rappers is the stunning brunnette Alexandra Evans, winner of the fourth series of Britain’s Next Top Model, adding a touch of glamour.

Watch the video and let me know what you think, if anything it’s a great viral.

Film locations I’ve helped with – Nescafe “Hairy old Cortina”

Until recently I handled film enquiries for Swansea Council. I was the main contact for people looking to film in Swansea for several years. I was involved in many projects – Doctor Who, National Lottery, Mine All Mine, among many others.

One of the shoots I assisted was for this Nescafe ad. The director was Vaughan Arnell who had worked on a few of the Robbie Williams videos – Rock DJ, Something Stupid, etc.

The location manager wanted something earthy so I took him to Penderry – with its views over the city and ponies grazing in street verges it was perfect .

When we came to shoot in Wind Street (the footage didn’t make the final edit) I had to negotiate with some workmen digging up the street to down tools for the day.

The shot looking towards Port Talbot steelworks features a lamppost from Swansea Council’s depot – a last-minute arrangement. The production team did say that the steelworks was the inspiration for Ridley Scott’s futuristic city in Blade Runner.

Anyway, here’s the ad, unbelievably the result of a whole weeks worth of filming.

Let me know what you think?